Finding out you are pregnant when you didn’t plan for it can be very overwhelming. All sorts of thoughts go through your mind, and you may go into overdrive trying to think of a solution to what you feel might be a problem. If you are the kind of woman who does everything right, taking your birth control on time, making sure your partner wears a condom, an unexpected pregnancy may cause you to feel like your world is crashing. Do not be distraught by this, because it really isn’t the end of the world, and can be the beginning of a new one filled with hopes and dreams for another life. A child is a blessing whether you are ready or not. In a situation like this, it’s best to look on the bright side and focus on the positive aspects of being a mother, even though you may feel alone.

How to Deal with an Unexpected Pregnancy

It’s not unusual to see women put in the family way unexpectedly. For instance, two teenagers “just having fun” and the girl finds out shortly after that she is pregnant. Obviously, both parties didn’t plan to have a child and the boy especially feels strongly about not wanting to be a dad just yet. This situation also occurs with older adults, where the man involved walks away leaving the woman to deal with the unexpected pregnancy alone.

If you find yourself in this situation, try to stay calm and think rationally and positively. Take all solutions into careful consideration; there are options like adoption, but do you think you can hold your child in your arms and give him or her to someone else?

First of all, it is important you accept the fact that you are bringing new life into the world, and come to terms with the idea. Get the support of family and friends, people who love you and will stand by you through your pregnancy. Inform the baby’s father’s family about your decision to keep the baby, so that they are aware their own family tree is growing. Remember not to force the baby’s father into accepting his responsibility. Try as much as you can to avoid negative circumstances and focus on the goodness of the new life growing within you.

Motherhood may seem scary, but it is definitely not an impossible situation. There are many young and older single mothers who never thought they were capable of being such good moms. Once you hold your newborn in your arms, all the pain and hurt will just slip away and be forgotten. You will develop an inner strength that will help you through it all. With the additional support of family and close friends, you will be able to raise a good healthy child.