Going vegan when pregnant

I have always been a vegan, and all through my London escorts career, I took a lot of pride in talking about my eating habits to my fellow London escorts. When I left London escorts to get married and to have a baby, I stayed vegan and some of the girls at London escorts were really worried about me. I have to say that I was about anxious at time, but in the end I did have a very health baby. It was normal weight and I had managed to stay healthy all through my pregnancy and everything went fine.

Eating for baby is super important when you are a pregnant vegan. I had to make sure that I was getting plenty of protein, and I did manage to do that. Before I got pregnant, I did visit a naturopath for some eating and diet advice, and that helped a lot. The girls back at London escorts were still worried about me and kept in touch all of the time. My friends at London escorts are an incredible bunch of people and I am so glad that they are my friends. It is always good to have support that you can count on.

A couple of the girls from escorts in London used to come around and bring lots of things like nuts and almonds. They are just great sources of protein when you are a vegan and even more important when you are producing a baby. I wanted to have a very healthy pregnancy so I focused on exercising a lot as well. The girls at escorts in London used make sure that I got a couple of good walks in the park every week, and I went to what I call mummy yoga as well. All in all, I had great energy levels throughout.

My husband is also a vegan and with us it is a lifestyle choice. Some of the girls at escorts in London are vegans just because they think it is very low fat food. It is and it can help your health in many other ways as well. Most of the girls that I worked with at London escorts say that a vegan lifestyle has suited them, and they are glad that I introduced them to it. I am not sure that all of them are going to stay vegan all though their lives but many of them appreciate that they are healthier for it.

Anyway, today I am the mummy of a healthy girl, and she loves her crazy aunties at London escorts. My daughter is being fed a vegan diet and she is very healthy. Now that I don’t work for escorts in London anymore, I have a lot more time to grow my own vegetables and we have as a result become even healthier. We are actually planning a move away from London and hopefully, this should also help to improve our lifestyle. I have always wanted to live by the sea and enjoy fresh air.

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