How to Dress Like a Temptress

Would you like to dress like the temptresses at London escorts? In that case, the fashion for the winter season 2018 – 2019 gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. It features many of the essentials which you will need to dress like a bit of a temptress. Next time you are in the shops, put yourself into the mindset of London escorts and try to figure out what fashion essentials you would need in your wardrobe to like a temptress from a London escorts service. Shall we start from the bottom up?

It seems that we may be in for a bit of cold winter, so you will need to keep those tootsies warm is the first thing you need to focus. There are many different boot designs in the shops this winter, but there is one boot which no girl at London escorts would go without. That is the thigh high boot. They are just perfect when it comes to keeping your legs and tootsies warm. Some of the girls at charlotte escorts wear them with short skirts but thigh boots look just as good over a pair of leggings or tight jeans. What about trousers?

Once again you can pick and choose from what is out there. You have ripped jeans which may look sexy with animal print top, or you can go for the more sophisticated tweed look. The girls at charlotte escorts like to mix and match a lot, and don’t be surprised if you will see a pair of ripped jeans with a nice looking blouse.

A girl from an elite London escorts service, may even choose to pair up those ripped jeans with a Chanel jacket. On cold days, you may want to slip into something warmer. But a warm jumper can easily make you look like a sexy temptress from a charlotte escorts service. Choose your jumper carefully. Make sure it is one of those which can be slipped down a little bit to reveal a shoulder. If you are feeling the chill, it is perfectly okay to wear your jumper with a scarf. The main trick is to let that shoulder show and maybe even flash off a sexy lacy bra strap.

That little touch can make any men longing for more. Just what you need when you want to be a sexy temptress. Capes are the in thing to wear and the girls at London escorts love them. You will find both long and short capes in the shop this winter. The beauty of a long buttoned cape is that you can slip on, and surprise someone by not wearing very much underneath.

In other words, a cape can cover up naughty secrets much more effectively than a coat. To complete the caped look, you can always finish it off with a pair of thigh high boots, to give that ultimate sensory dating experience which you can only get with London escorts.

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