Refocus your life

There is only so much love that you can give. My husband would dearly love to have some more children, but five is enough for me. There is after all only so much love that you can give, and I am up to my capacity. My husband seems to think that it is only about practical stuff such as making lunches, doing the dishes and making beds. The reality is that it is about so much more than that.

You need to be capable of loving, and how you can you love so many people. At the moment I often feel that my heart is stretched as it is, and I simply can’t love anymore. My husband says that we both love, but there is a bit more than to a family than loving for a few hours in the evening. Stay at home mothers love all of the time and I wonder if dads realize that.

There are many reason for not saying “I can’t have any more children”. A big family is certainly one of them, and wanting refocus your life is another woman. Many women still want it all, but forget to appreciate that it isn’t easy. Once the children start growing up, a lot of women feel that they want to refocus their lives. The girls from Gatwick escorts of suspect that the husband is often reluctant to let go of that wife, and often want her to stay at home with yet another baby, but somewhere along the line, things have changed.

Mo probably still loves her children, but sometimes a woman feels that she wants something else as well. She wants something which is just for her, and that is not always easy to find. Women are often searchers, and this can be what spurs them on in life. They like to search for answers and to discover new horizons. It is a female strength and have saved many families in financial difficulties. Refocusing your life is woman’s way of adding value to her life experience.

A lot of women start their own businesses when they children grow up. They seem to have a unique insight into what people need and want. Women are often in touch with trends and new ideas, and men find this very difficult to understand. Women have an amazing capacity to change and go with the latest trends, and this is what makes them strong. You will find that many women know what is going to happen, and a read sign that you don’t even see. The fact is, they are always refocusing.

Refocusing from being a stay at home mom to starting a new business is not that difficult for women. They see it as a project in nurturing and the new business becomes the new baby. Hard to understand for most men, but it is all of this love and passion that makes them such good business women.

So, when your wife tells you” I can’t have any more children”, it doesn’t mean that she does not love you anymore. It simply means that she has decided to refocus life, and make a new exciting project her new baby instead. It may be hard to see and it goes to prove how different we are from each other. A woman’s mind is still an ocean of secrets to many men.

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