Relationship and marriage

Am I a marriage wrecker? I have been married three times so far, and each of my marriages seem to end in disaster. Soon I am back where I started dating the hot girls at Bow escorts of In many ways I don’t think that I am really good marriage material. I am very good at falling in love, but I am certainly not very good at staying married. For some reason I soon get bored and cannot hang on to that feeling that I want to settle down.


Like I say to the girls at Bow escorts, it is all about setting up a new home and the romance of getting married for me. That is really what stirs me. In many ways I have to say that I am better at new beginnings that fulfilling long term needs. One of the girls at Bow escorts who is really into astrology says it is because I am an Aquarius. I don’t very live in the here and now, she says. That is actually very true and I am not sure that I can stay still in the present.


Am I always looking to the future? I think that I am and I love exploring new ideas.  The girls at Bow escorts say that I always come up with new ideas. I think that what happens in a marriage as well. For some reason I stop coming up with new ideas and that is when the marriage starts going wrong. I see a new woman, and all of a sudden I come up with new ideas again. It is really a terrible habit and one that I would like to break. Could I break it? I am not sure at all.


Do men get bored easily? I think that a lot of men do get bored more easily than women. Most women that I know are very creative. That is what inspires me a lot of the time. I start to think to myself that I would really like to be with her. After a little while, I realize that she does not need me to be creative at all. She would much rather do it on her own and just get on with it. I am sure this is why so many women are successful in business. Many of the girls at Bow escorts are like that.


Do I love to date? I do like to date different girls at Bow escorts. The girls that I date change all of the time, but I do have some that I really like to spend time with but I don’t see them all of the time. I think that if I could have a harem at home, I would be a really happy man. It would be nice to spend time with different women without having to upset them. Actually, it is one of my little futuristic ideas, but I don’t think that is ever going to happen. Perhaps one day we will appreciate that we are not meant to be with just one partner in our lives. But then again, that could just be another crazy idea of mine…

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