The Advantages of a Permanent Relationship

A couple of years back, I was really into dating London escorts. I had broken up with my girlfriend who I had been together with for three years and felt that I wanted something different. Dating London escorts is something that a lot of men dream about, and I had seen so many escort agencies advertising on the Internet that I thought that I would have a go.


The first couple of girls I met from a London escorts were the sexiest girls that I had ever met, but a little but pushy. They wanted me to spend more and more time with them, but I only wanted to do some trial dating. The girls worked for a cheap escort service in London and I soon realised that it was not for me to date cheap escorts in London. Instead I decided to check out some elite escort agencies in London.


When I called my first elite London escorts agency, I could tell the difference right away. I explained what I wanted to do on my date, and the girl on the phone seemed to know all of the escort who worked for the agency. She recommended this one girl, and when she came around to my place, I knew that she was the right girl for me. We dated for a little while but then I realised I missed having a permanent relationship. During the time I was dating the escort from the elite agency, I had met this pretty girl. I really liked her and felt that I wanted to be with her.


It was not hard for me to give up London escorts. So many men talk about being addicted to escorts in London, but I never experienced in that. I was soon reveling in the company of my new girlfriend. We had lots of things in common and I liked being with her. After a couple of weekends away, we both decided that we wanted to be permanent partners.  At the moment we don’t live together but we do spend a lot of time together. It is a special feeling. We do so many things together and we even like the same foods. Sure we both work, but we may start our own business but that is not on the cards yet. She seems to love me, and I love her a lot as well.


What I really like about spending time with my girlfriend is that we can plan our future. That is something that you can’t do when  you date London escorts. I am sure that we are going to end up living together in the future, but up until then, we are just having fun. Next year we are going on  special holiday. If that works out, I think that we will move in together. We will live in my flat and rent out my girlfriend’s apartment. There you go, we have already planned it all and that is what I really like about permanent relationships.

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