The human body is created to be sexual – London escorts

It is not a tough stretch of the mind to believe that there are health benefits to having regular sex. When women think about sex and men’s health, they would mostly think that it is a mental thing. Men get very testy and have such a mental tie to sex that is all women would think about. If you are in a relationship long term, you also realize that sex improves a man’s mood or can be a stress relief. But are there deeper health factors for men who are having regular sex?

Reproductive Benefits

Regular exercising of the penis has benefits just as regular exercise of the rest of the body. Having regular erections, either with a partner or through masturbation, reduces risks of penile atrophy later in life according to London escorts. Men who exercise and have erections at least three times per week reduce later issues of erectile dysfunction.

You may not be running a marathon, well depending on your partner and your stamina, but even vanilla sex burns calories. An average sexual encounter can burn between 85-200 calories in 30 minutes. That means that having sex every day for 30 minutes could make you lose 10 pounds in a year according to London escorts.

Increase Testosterone Production

Having sex helps to increase the production of testosterone, thus strengthening bones and muscles. Testosterone also increases energy levels, boosts your mood, and increases sexual desires and fertility.


This is not a new wonder drug rather, it is a hormone that is produced when you have sex; this along with serotonin being released when you orgasm, are very powerful to your brain and body. The two of these substances can help you sleep more deeply, reduce depression, lower blood pressure and keep your body at a healthy weight. They also can act as a pain reliever, in women too, so the “I have a headache” excuse does not work, because the endorphins release during sex and orgasms reduce pain according to London escorts.

Oxytocin also gives you that ‘feel good’ high during and right after sex, it gives the feeling of being generous and acts as a neurotransmitter to build trust and strengthen emotional bonds.

Strengthens the Immune System

Sex increases the immunoglobulin levels in the body which boosts the immune system. It could help you to fight off seasonal illnesses and even colds or flu.

So there really are many ways that having regular sex and orgasms can make you a better man. It just goes to show how amazing the human body is and that we really were created to be sexual beings.


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